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Postcard collecting or deltiology is an intriguing hobby attracting many collectors. It is high in popularity with other interests like collecting antiques, art, books, stamps and coins.  With so many types of postcards, one postcard collector might have a totally different focus than another collector.  Some popular facets are geography, artists, a particular date range, politics, humor, and general interests like sports or transportation.  There are postcards for holidays and for restaurants, hotels and businesses.

My focus is getting the postcards out of the storage boxes to be enjoyed on display. Postcards are colorful, fun and bring back great memories.  They are usually in great shape and just waiting to tell a story.  A meaningful postcard or grouping of postcards with a tasteful archival mat and frame makes an unique design for a wall or shelf.  They make affordable gifts for every price range. As an award winning framer I know that the design possibilities for these fun images are endless.

Through this website, I hope to share some knowledge of deltiology and also showcase my framing designs of postcards. I hope that you will visit my online shop and please feel free to contact me with questions.


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